Power Chakra
Power Chakra

Power Chakra is a unique software which unlocks the mystery of ancient Indian healing methods, and helps you to develop into a more developed and evolved human being. It works interactively to examine your inner self and understand the daily rhythm of activity of all the seven chakras.

Power Chakra utilizes the fundamental principle, which states that Chakras are the energy centers throughout our body, which are liable for the state of our mind, body and spirit. These are the seven nerve centers along the spine, which balances our endocrine and central nervous system. This in turn stabilizes our mind and soul. Thus Power Chakra enables you to perfectly come to terms with your inner self.

Power Chakra makes you aware which chakra is open within you and which is closed, so that you can focus on the latter and try and open them up, with help from our software guides.

Fully compatible with all versions of Windows OS, Power Chakra is the software to possess if you want to improve more and more into a perfect human being.

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