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Result Screen:

Result  Screen Of Power Chakra

All the functions of this screen are described as numbered:

Once you finish the test, the current state of the particular Chakra you have selected is displayed, along with its detailed interpretation.

1. Select the option from the dropdown list to view the result for the particular chakra.

2. The reading for the chosen chakra is displayed with the interpretation.

3. Comprehensive Reading: Click on this option to view the results for all the chakras together.

4. Print: Click on this option to print a copy of the Power Chakra Results.

5. Save – Click on this tab to get a printable version of the report. This generates a comprehensive reading that includes all features.

6. Review Result – When you click on this tab, your answer to each individual question is displayed along with the question. There is also a graphical interpretation of well you have fared which helps you analyze the areas that you need to improve in.

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